Our Advisors

Kalev Kotkas
Hiiumaa and local government expert. Kalev has 25+ years of experience in the public sector holding positions from mayor of the local municipality to being a member of the Estonian parliament for 15 years. Now working as a consultant, he helps by connecting the dots between the local business environment and local government institutions.
Heiki Liiser
Technology advisor
Electronics Engineer with an MBA. Heiki is an expert of electronic components having held a number of executive positions in electrical product distribution companies. He’ll ensure a smooth supply of electrical components for the project.
Veiko Reinberg
Technology advisor
Veiko is an electric engineer and project manager with a lot of experience in developing industrial electrics and automation projects. He’ll be advising the Head of Technology in electrical engineering matters.
Piret Sedrik
Hiiumaa and local government expert. Piret has 25+ years of experience in the public sector, working either as the secretary or governor of Hiiumaa county. She’ll offer expertise of local legislations.
Reet Kokovkin
Hiiumaa expert. Having worked all her life in either the public or non-profit sector in Hiiumaa, she has been improving Hiiumaa’s conditions in sustainable development, nature protection and connecting Hiiumaa to the world through international relations. She’ll ensure the project continues to meet the Hiiumaa criteria.